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Following a 1938 Supreme Court decision, employers may hire permanent replacement workers in response to a strike, unless the strike is related to

  1. working conditions.

  2. unfair labor practices on the part of the employer.

  3. hours beyond the standard eight-hour workday.

  4. wages that are below average for an industry.


    2. Which of the following statements is true of the Norris-LaGuardia Act of 1932?

  5. It effectively curbed employer hostility toward unions.

  6. It was moderate in its support for organized labor.

  7. It helped to end the widespread unemployment of that time.

  8. It outlawed yellow-dog contracts.


    3. The authors of your text characterize the relationship of the AFL-CIO federation to its affiliated national unions as being similar to the relationship of the _______ to its members.

  9. United Nations

  10. U.S. Congress

  11. PTA

  12. local union


    4. Which of the following has not been considered a mandatory subject for collective bargaining?

  13. Health insurance

  14. Seniority

  15. The grievance procedure

  16. Retiree benefits


    5. Regarding Wal-Mart, which of the following statements is false?

  17. About 65 percent of Wal-Mart employees are granted health-care insurance.

  18. Human Rights Watch charged Wal-Mart with being able to "violate U.S. labor law with virtual impunity."

  19. When a small group of meat cutters voted to unionize, Wal-Mart simply closed that plant.

  20. Wal-Mart pay levels are about six dollars per hour lower than those of unionized supermarket employees.


    6. Regarding the trend toward national union mergers, which of the following statements is false?

  21. Steadily rising administrative costs have encouraged mergers.

  22. Under the AFL-CIO system, all national union mergers have been voluntary.

  23. Most European countries have a total of about 15 unions.

  24. Most mergers have involved the merger of a number of small unions into a single union.


    7. The Taft-Hartley Act specifies six unfair labor union practices. Which of the following of these practices has been effectively unenforceable?

  25. The ban on union coercion of employees

  26. The prohibition of featherbedding

  27. The provision requiring unions to engage in collective bargaining

  28. Causing an employer to discriminate against an employee to enhance pro-union sentiments


    8. According to the authors of your text, one is justified in saying that the modern labor movement in America began in

  29. 1935.

  30. 1933.

  31. 1947.

  32. 1926.


    9. During the Clinton administration, NLRB chairman William Gould was successful in implementing

  33. allowing modified collective bargaining when as few as 20 percent of employees voiced pro-union sentiments.

  34. the practice of delivering an NLRB decision in days, not months.

  35. the recognition of a union without an election if 60 percent or more employees voted for the union.

  36. a plan to allow employees to vote on their union sentiments by mail.


    10. The supreme governing body of the AFL-CIO is the

  37. executive council.

  38. convention.

  39. the elected vice presidents.

  40. AFL-CIO constitution.


    11. Which of these statements is true regarding locals unions?

  41. There's a strong correlation between the size of a national union and the number of locals.

  42. Most local union officers work alongside fellow workers at full-time jobs.

  43. There's a moderate correlation between the size of a national union and the number of its locals.

  44. The officer-election process at the national level is more democratic than the process for electing local officers.


    12. Employees are assured a "bill of rights" that union officers can not violate under the _______ Act.

  45. Taft-Hartley

  46. Landrum-Griffin

  47. Norris-LaGuardia

  48. Wagner


    13. All the following, according to your text, were indicative of increasing public antipathy to organized labor during World War II, except for

  49. the rights of employees as individuals.

  50. emergency strike provisions.

  51. the provision banning closed shops in favor of union shops.

  52. unfair union labor practices.


    14. A union member who tried to take a local union out of one national union and affiliate it with another national union would be considered guilty of

  53. unfair unionism.

  54. a statutory offense.

  55. treason.

  56. dual unionism.


    15. Many national union presidents have been guilty of autocratic rule, under which the executive board acted as a sort of rubber stamp. A striking exception in recent years has been _______ of the Teamsters.

  57. David Beck

  58. James P. Hoffa

  59. William J. McCarthy

  60. Ronald R. Carey


    16. Over the years, the judiciary has backed decisions of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) most of the time. When judicial rulings have been inconsistent with respect to prior NLRB rulings, the main cause has been

  61. the political party of the occupant of the White House.

  62. economic prosperity.

  63. economic recession.

  64. changing membership of the NLRB board.


    17. Conrad and Clara are discussing the decision of the United Auto Workers to establish the Public Review Board. Conrad argues that the board is ineffective because it nearly always endorses decisions of the UAW executive board. Clara disagrees, arguing that the review board has been quite willing to overturn executive board rulings. Who is correct?

  65. Clara is correct.

  66. Neither Conrad nor Clara is correct.

  67. Conrad is correct.

  68. Both Conrad and Clara are partially correct.


    18. Currently, under the AFL-CIO constitution, union member dues paid to the federation amount to around _______ per member per month.

  69. 65 cents

  70. 45 cents

  71. 55 cents

  72. 75 cents


    19. Under current U.S. labor law, when can the NLRB conduct a certification election?

  73. At the request of an elected federal official who represents the employer's congressional district

  74. At the request of a single employee

  75. If the employer agrees to participate in the election

  76. If at least two unions express an interest in organizing a bargaining unit


    20. Regarding the era of judicial control prior to 1933, which of the following statements is true?

  77. Blacklisting was banned.

  78. The use of court-issued injunctions was applied evenly to employers and employees.

  79. Railway workers were granted the right to bargain collectively with management.

  80. The discharge of union "agitators" was frowned upon.

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