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Conduct an Internet search for an online learning style inventory. Complete the online learning style inventory and save your results to your computer. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper describing your results. Include the following: 1. A list of the major learning styles including: a. A brief description of each. b. Similarities and differences between various styles. 2. What you learned about yourself. 3. How you think your learning style affects your education? 4. Why it is important to understand learning styles when developing adult education and training? Include at least three sources in your paper. Include a copy of your learning style inventory results and provide the website address.


My leaning style is Visual so please take that into consideration when answering the question and there are three types of learning styles auditory, tactile and visaul. 


This will be a 6 paragraph paper that includes the introduction and the conclusion and remember 1 has a part a and b to answer.

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