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In Week 5, you were asked to prepare a presentation outline for your final project in either a PowerPoint format or a Word document in MLA format to conduct a training session for new managers in your establishment.

Based on your successful leadership skills and demonstrated ability, you have decided it is vital to your success to provide leadership training to the new recruits. Using what you have learned in this course, you are to prepare a presentation that you will deliver to the new managers. Assume the new employees have never had any leadership training, and you will be providing material that may be new to many of them.

In your presentation, provide examples to illustrate the issues/points you are discussing. Include leadership concepts, topics, and goals related to leadership as a manager.

Remember to use your concept as the model, review the grading criteria topics, and be sure to include insights you learned during the employee desires survey.

  • Key points have been addressed
  • Examples are provided to illustrate/demonstrate points or concepts
  • Examples used are not those previously used in the course
  • Does the presentation provide sufficient information, or are there gaps that need to be filled in to make it more complete?
  • Do the examples fit the situation they are trying to represent?
  • Is there any information that might be added to make the presentation stronger?
  • Is there unnecessary information? Why would you delete it?
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