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Take your concept that you have been working on since the beginning of your courses as your model. You have hired new employees to become managers in various departments of your establishment. Based on your successful leadership skills and demonstrated ability, you have decided it is vital to your success to provide leadership training to the new recruits. Using what you have learned in this course, you are to prepare a presentation that you will deliver to the new managers. Assume the new employees have never had any leadership training, and you will be providing material that may be new to many of them.

In your presentation, provide examples to illustrate the issues/points you are discussing. Include leadership concepts, topics, and goals related to leadership as a manager. The examples are to come from your own experiences or outside sources, and not include those already discussed in the lectures or Discussion Area. Ideas to consider in your project and outline:

  • Traits true leaders possess.
  • Leadership techniques.
  • Importance and purpose of leadership concepts.
  • Importance of communication as it relates to leadership training
  • The function and roles of team members and team leaders.
  • Leadership techniques used when working with a culturally diverse staff.
  • The implementation of change within a department as a leader.
  • If you are not comfortable with PowerPoint, or feel you will not be able to fully explain yourself, prepare a minimum 450 word - Word document attachment in MLA format. In a “real-life” scenario, the document is one that could be read from when conducting a training session or hand to your new managers as reference material.
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