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Research two leadership articles that touch on the following leadership characteristics, commitments, or competencies:

  • Team building/collaboration
  • Community involvement/partnership
  • Change/transition
  • Responsibility/commitment
  • Risk
  • Loyalty
  • Execution/task management
  • Forward thinking
  • Corporate culture
  • Vision/mission
  • Duty
  • Passion
  • Charisma/inspirational
  • Integrity/ethics/honor

Provide a minimum 250 word summary of each article that includes the title, author, date of publication, main points, and your detailed opinions about what you’ve read. Think about how it speaks to the characteristics, commitments, or competencies listed above, and how it fits with your personal vision statement. Do you think the author might have added any other information, or expanded further on what was written?

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Leaadership With citation and reference
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