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Original work, include references. At least 2 pages in length  
Theoretical framework: Skills Approach Leadership & Path Goal Leadership

Leadership Self Assessment
?Text of your introduction goes here.  Identify two theoretical frameworks  text that you decided to use to evaluate yourself and explain why you chose these two theories. This paragraph should conclude with a purpose statement for your paper.

Primary Concepts
?Discuss the primary concepts of each of your selected theories.

Strengths and Weaknesses
?Your text goes here. Discuss what strengths and weaknesses and opportunities for improvement that you discovered in YOUR leadership style (DO NOT discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the theories).

Theory Application
?  Based on what you have learned about your own leadership strengths and challenges from this assignment,  explaining how you would handle the given scenario in a new way.
Question .Every Manager must at some point deal with one of the following personal and/or personnel problems including absenteeism, uncooperative or unproductive employees, immature employees, clinical incompetence, emotional problems, chemical dependency, and incivility. based on what you have discovered about your own leadership strengths and challenges, discuss strategies you would implement to prevent or correct one of the aforementioned personal/personnel problems in a new way.  

?Text here. Always include a conclusion that summarizes the main points of the paper.

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