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Here is some information about your Final Exam.

  • This exam covers all readings, lectures, and TCOs in the course.
  • This exam is worth 210 points and consists of the following questions.
    • 24 multiple choice questions (10 are worth 3 points each and 14 are worth 5 points each)
    • Seven short answer questions (worth 10 points each)
    • Two essay questions (worth 20 points each)
    You will have 3 hours to take the exam.
  • SAVE your work frequently, because when the time limit is reached, you will automatically be exited from the exam.
  • If there’s more than one page, students don’t need to complete them in order.


Once I start the exam I will have 3 hours to complete it so i need someone who will finish it before then. I do not have the questions and nor will I till i start it. Once I start it i will send it to you in a Microsoft word document.

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