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1. The Supremacy Clause: a.makes it clear that the US Constitution and the laws enacted under the Constitution are supreme.b.provides that only the original Constitution and not its amendments are supreme c. does not resolve whether federal or state laws are supreme.d. has been determined to be unconstitutional. 2. Express preemption means: a. the US Constitution expressly provides that federal law preempts state law. b. the US Constitution expressly provides that the Constitution preempts all laws c. that a federal law expressly says that it preempts state law.d. that a federal law expressly says that it preempts the Constitution. 3.The dormant commerce clause: a. contains a total prohibition against state laws affecting interstate commerce b. is not a total prohibition of state laws affecting interstate commerce.c. provides that Congress has exclusive jurisdiction to regulate interstate commerce. d. defines dormant commerce as intrastate commerce 4. If Congress expresses intent to preempt state law on a whole subject area, the preemption is said to be a. illegal b. ineffective c. field preemption d. express preemption

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