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Discussion Resources

The following resources are provided to help you complete this discussion:

  • Marr, B. (2010). The intelligent company: Five steps to success with evidence-based management. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.
    • Chapter 7, “Turning Information Into Actionable Knowledge,” pages 163–188.
    • The "Action Checklist" for Chapter 7, pages 206–208.

Discussion Instructions

Step 5 of the EbM model, making evidence-based decisions, involves asking two important questions:

  • How can we ensure that available evidence is used to make the decisions?
  • How do we create a knowledge-to-action culture?

For your initial discussion post, address the following:

  • Briefly discuss how each of these questions can be successfully answered through management or leadership style and actions.
  • Think about the organization where you currently work, or one where you worked in the past.
    • Analyze the organization’s leadership, IT capability, and organizational culture in terms of the ability to turn information into action.
    • Refer directly to Marr’s seven steps to creating a knowledge-to-action culture in your discussion post.
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