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Must have speaker.notes w/ references and citations in APA format 5-7 PowerPoint slides including spkrs nts (250 words minimum) Details: You are in a senior level forensics team meeting with a potential customer on a cyber-crime commercial case. This is your team’s preliminary investigative discussion concerning the facts of the case. The client tells your team the specific names of the individuals who were targeted in this cyber crime case,the sophistication of the criminal,and some of the possible locations and types of physical and digital evidence. Explain to the client how your team will conduct the keyword search to handle the digital evidence and target drive. Provide the four primary reasons why the keyword searches will be conducted. Your 5–7 slide PowerPoint presentation should include the following: Title page Introduction to the content of the report Describe the importance of the keyword search to the investigation Describe how you will conduct the keyword search Describe the four reasons why the keyword search will be conducted (e.g.,locating word and text strings, internal audits to identify violations, to find evidence,to find embedded text in Word documents) Provide a summary to the findings Reference list in APA format

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