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  1. Data      is useful when attempting to determine the number of juveniles arrested      for specific serious offenses.

a. anabas   b. UCR  c. SRS  d. None of the above


  1. The      American family unit has ____ in the last fifty years

a. not changed  b. not been affected by any changes c. changed significantly d. none


  1. What      is one type of victimization that is encountered in the international environment that tends to be distinct from those in theUnited States?

a. human trafficking b. double victimization   c. domestic violence  d. drug abuse


  1. The      type of prevention which attempts to identify juveniles who appear to be      at high risk for delinquency and/or abuse and to intervene early is      called.

a. primary  prevention  b. secondary prevention   c. tertiary prevention  d. none


  1. A      breakdown of social norms or the dissociation of the individual from a      general sense of morality of the times is called_____?

a. social organization  b. anomie  c. biosocialism  d. somatotypes


  1. ____      of delinquency were initially based on the assumption that delinquency is inherited.

a. biological  b. sociological  c. theoretical  d. none


  1. ____      is directed towards preventing illegal acts among the juvenile population      as a whole before they occur by alleviating social conditions related to the      offenders.

a. primary prevention  b. secondary prevention  c. tertiary      prevention  d. none


  1. The      ____ emphasized the need for empirical research in criminology.

a. philosophers  b. romanovs  c. psychoanalysts  d. posivists


  1. ____      holds that individuals engage in delinquent behavior because they      experience an overabundance of interactions, associations and      reinforcements with definitions favorable to delinquency.

a. labeling theory  b. rational choice theory   c. theory of punishment  d. learning theory

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