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Please prepare a multimedia presentation (you may use any multimedia tool that you would like. 
Some options include, but are not limited to: PowerPoint, Prezi, Empressr, Zoho Show, or VCASMO. 
Search term “Free online multimedia presentation tools”). Begin by explaining the role of information 
systems in business. Next, identify and analyze at least three organizational structures explaining 
the advantages and disadvantages of each. Finally, identify and recommend at least two information 
systems for a small business (for example, you might recommend a knowledge management 
system, or an enterprise resource planning system – or another appropriate system. You do not Unit 2 [IT503: Principles of Information Technology]
need to identify a specific brand). Make sure you explain why you are making each recommendation 
and explain the potential benefits that the system offers. Also include any potential concerns or 
issues that must be considered before selecting a system.
Please make sure that you clearly explain your responses. You may use your presentation, the 
notes section, or submit a separate document of talking points. Please remember that you must 
include in-text citations and references in APA format.


simple powerpoint need ASAP

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