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  1. Look up and read the following article in the EBSCOhost Database:
    • Step-by-step through the writing process. (2007). Writing, 30. 1-8.
  2. Read and respond to each of the following writing prompts and submit them as a single document.

Topic Search

For your final essay in this course, you will need to pick a topic that is narrow in focus. Think of problems and issues that are occurring in your home, neighborhood, or workplace. Think of your paper as a “call to action” (you may want to take a moment to look at the criteria for your last essay).

  1. What issue or problem are you experiencing at home, work, or in your neighborhood that you feel strongly about?
  2. What is your view on the issue? What is the opposing view?
  3. Will a new policy, procedure, or law fix the issue?
  4. Freewrite for 10-15 minutes. Share all of the reasons you can think of for why your problem needs to be fixed. Do not worry about grammar, spelling, etc. Do not edit. Write what comes to mind. Do not research yet. If you are stumped and cannot write what you know for 10-15 minutes, go back to #1 and start with a new topic.


Draft an informal outline for your persuasive paper. Do not include quotations or paraphrased material. Your outline should be built from your current knowledge of the topic. You can refine this later when you conduct your research.

Basic Outline for a Five Paragraph Essay

  1. Introductory Paragraph (five to seven sentences that include a hook, background information, and a thesis)
  2. Body Paragraphs
    1. Topic Sentence.
      • supporting evidence
      • supporting evidence
      • supporting evidence
    2. Topic Sentence
      • supporting evidence
      • supporting evidence
      • supporting evidence
    3. Topic Sentence
      • supporting evidence
      • supporting evidence
      • supporting evidence
  3. Closing paragraph (five to seven sentences that include a restatement of the thesis, summary of the main ideas , and a closing thought)

Keep in mind that this is a basic outline. Once you have your statements in place and a logical flow to your supporting evidence, you will need to work in transitional phrases, and research.

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