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I need help with this. It's due Tuesday. One page for Japan and Argentina each. The website is
For each of the videos you watch, you should do the following:
  1. You are in the role of an observer of     these particular cultures.  As you     observe what goes on in the video, link your observations to either Hall     or Hofstede’s frameworks (i.e., the dimension or subdimension that the     observation relates to).
  1. One video should concentrate on one     framework and the other should illustrate the other framework.  You choose which allows you to fill out     which framework the best.      Basically, if you follow the format for Exam 2 that is given in the     syllabus, that is what you need to do (absent the explanation of the     dimension or subdimension).
  1. Apply as many of Hofstede’s dimensions     to one of them and Hall’s High and Low Context to the other as the     material presented in the videos allows you to apply (hence, no page     specification). 
  1. As always, single space your     assignment.
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