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Write a helpful critique for two (2) of your colleagues. Comment on three (3) of the questions answered. Be certain that your comments are constructive and non-judgmental. Focus on helping your classmates provide a “better” answer to the question.. 

Situational Behavioral Interview Techniques



1) Describe a difficult problem you’ve encountered and how you dealt with it.

With my current job, a patient didn’t have authorization to be seen by a nurse. Typically, before patients are seen, we have to ensure that the proper documentation is put into place. It is my job to ensure that authorizations are completed. That day, I called our billing department, so they can call the patient’s insurance company to grant us authorization for the same day to be seen because the patient needed a wound dressing changed. The insurance company granted a temporary approval for the patient to be seen that day. With that, something worst could have happened to the patient if she had to wait any longer. The patient was able to be seen the same day, so I was happy with the way things ended.

2) From time to time, everyone has to bend the rules a bit. Tell me about an example when you had to bend or break the rules to achieve the right results. What happened?

There are several rules in place that are designed to protect not only the patient but the organization as well. At work, we are not allowed to do wellness checks. It is against company policy. At times during work, there is no availability for RNs to go out to start a case, especially now with covid-19 upon us. Another part of my job is calling an RN to go out and start a case. This particular time, I knew there wasn’t an RN available, so I called an LVN to go out to assist the patients who needed a quick visit for a checkup. Technically, it’s against company policy to send out an LVN before an RN. We would need consent signed by the RN and the patient. In result, the patient would be seen in a timely manner instead of waiting for 24 to 48 hours. In this case, I felt it was necessary to bend the rules just a little bit.




3) Give an example of a tough goal you reached and how you achieved it.

As a Navy Recruiter, our Chief Recruiter has set a goal for us to put two people in the Navy a month. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been difficult to go out and recruit people with businesses and schools closed. For the month of May, it has been extremely difficult to obtain this goal. At this time, I am now using high school list to call and social media platforms to reach out to the community. With social media, I was able to make two appointments and hold interviews for the appointments. For the month of May, I was able to obtain my goal by reaching out through other means.

4) Think of a time when you’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty. What did you do and why?

I was the career counselor at work which is just assisting people with different career endeavors. In the Navy, if you plan to stay in the military, you have to be approved to keep your current job. This is typically done by having good evaluations throughout so that you are able to receive your quota. There was a sailor who didn’t get his quota and was so upset because he wanted to stay in the Navy. I am able to call the manager and check on the sailors’ quotas. In this particular situation, I reached out to the manager to inquire about the sailor. I voiced to him how much the sailor wanted to stay in the Navy and he his current evaluation was great. The manager decided to give him another review and the following month, he was approved for a quota. After viewing his record and how the sailor expressed how much he wanted to be in the Navy, it was worth a shot. I felt like I had to help out as much as I can so that this sailor could have another shot.

5) Tell me about a time when you failed at a task. What happened and what did you learn from it?

At work, it is a must that we schedule patients within a timely manner. In this situation, I had a deadline to complete by scheduling patients within a certain time period. I kept procrastinating all day just really doing anything that wasn’t pertaining to scheduling the patients. Here, we have to ensure that we use our time management skills wisely. In result, I wasn’t able to schedule my patients in a timely manner causing a delay in care. I learned to just get the job done right away so that everyone would have the opportunity to be seen in a timely manner.

6) Provide an example of when you used your verbal communication skills to influence your boss or other leaders to “do it your way?” How did things turn out?

I was in an organization of about 369 sailors. Another gentleman and I was instructed to give a training on bystander intervention. We had a deadline of one month to give the training to the organization. We were tasked with giving the training in alphabetical order to complete it by the following month. I had voiced by completing training that way, it would take longer and that we should break it up for the next two weeks so that the remaining of the time could be focused on those who weren’t able to attend the previous time slots. I was told to take the lead as long as training would be completed by the following month. In the end, we finished ahead of schedule with a week and a half to spare.

7) Give an example of a situation in which you had to acquire a new skill or use a new technology to accomplish a task?

At this moment, I am also taking Healthcare Economics. I haven’t used excel in a very long time and forgot how to use it. This course requires it to be used often. In the beginning of the course, I was struggling a bit with it, trying to figure out what was going on and how he would come up with the numbers for the problems. The instructor posted many lessons on using excel for beginners along with the formulas. I just had to go through all of the lessons until I was able to grasp the concept and what was going on within the course. Another thing is memorizing the different formulas used for certain problems on the test. So now, I can say that I can complete the problems in economics with ease.

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