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The title is preventing CAUTI. For the powerpoint 

  1. ?Align strategies with goal(s) and objectives. 

  2. •How, and why, you will use technology in your module

3. And make a power point slide from this information below

The goal of the instructlowional module is to reduce CAUTI rate at General Hospital by 50% in 60 days.

The following are the objectives of the module:

            •The learner will identify three main causes of CAUTI in the acute care setting;

            •The learner will demonstrate proper aseptic insertion technique during the psychomotor   training session;

            •The learner will score 90% or better on the computerized testing module;

            •The learner will verbalize the new hospital-wide criteria for methods of CAUTI    prevention.

During the training module, emphasis will be placed on the cause of CAUTI in the acute care setting. According to the CDC, improper insertion technique, prolonged dwell time, and poor hygiene account for most of hospital acquired infections (CDC, 2015). In an effort to mitigate these issues, a psychomotor testing station will be required of all staff who insert catheters. This hands-on practice will allow staff to be observed for proper insertion technique. In addition, all staff will be required to take a computerized training module and post-test with a passing grade of 90%.

remember the speaker notes has to be 300 words for each of the 3 slides.



For the paper. The title is still preventing CAUTI 


  1. Align strategies with goal(s) and objectives. 

  2. •How, and why, you will use technology in your module


This is 600 words. Both is the same thing one in paper format anfd the other on a powerpoint.


remember include references



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