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I am developing an application in which I need help of a professional on urgent basis. The app needs to be developed in Visual Studio using C # tool. I need it on urgent basis I have only 30 Hours.


The application is based on the university website. It will help students to install the application on Windows 8 operating system and on Windows8 phone.

1-The application will allow the student to syn the calender entries..(showing the upcoming assignments)

2-Application will have a "Study Mode" (like do not disturb mode) which will restrict the incoming calls and SMSs except from one or two selected numbers.

3-The application should include the notify the new notifications posted on noticeboard (blackboard) of university website.

4-Notes Sync(if possible I would like to have a place where I can write my notes in my phone and I can see in my PC.)

5-Course Catelogue-(Is a place where the student can learn about all the of the degree programs. If the students don’t know what degree he or she wants to pursue, the catalogs will contain a lot of information that can assist him or her with that decision.)

6-Cortana Integration (we are trying to get Cortana to interact with our app. Which basically the user can give commands to either launch the app through cortana or do other commands with it, such as the study mode command.)
7-Take a break reminder (Is kind of like an alarm but the only difference is that when it goes on we want it to have some kind of positive, humor and inspiring quotes that goes randomly on depending on what the user has sat it for.)

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