Inclusive Education in the United States - 79243

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After reading the article answer the following questions.  Please be specific with examples from the article.  (YES & NO answers without specific examples will NOT BE ENOUGH to earn you credit).


(a) Write a one-paragraph summary of the conclusions reached by the researchers

(b) In the conclusion do the researchers refer to the research problem, research question or hypotheses?

(c) In what context(s) are the results interpreted? Do the researchers relate the interpretations to any of the following: methodology, sampling, subject characteristics, instrumentation, measurement of variables, experimental intervention, statistical procedures, statistical and /or practical significance, and /or previous research?

(d) Are the conclusions based on the results? Do the authors support the conclusions?

(e) Are the limitations of the study addressed? Are they reasonable based on the study methodology, procedures and findings?

(f) Do the authors provide specific recommendations and implications? Are they sensible given the results and conclusions?

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