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Violent Crime

Comeplete ONE of the following assignments:

Domestic Violence

In 2-3 pages, using your own words and APA formatting, examine the connection between stalking and domestic violence. Be sure to discuss the laws surrounding both of these issues and any difficulties that may arise in detection and/or prosecution?

Violent Crime

You are presenting at a national conference for violent crime survivors. The support of various organizations is critical. In 12-15 slides, using proper references, create a power point presentation to illustrate how law enforcement officers handle the following when responding to a violent crime:

  • Investigating the scene 
  • Identify and discuss the elements of the crime 
  • Collection and identification of physical evidence 
  • Interviewing a the victim (characteristics of the investigator)
  • Services
  • How to remain unbiased
  • Victim/suspect reactions
  • Follow-up investigation/arrest
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Stalking and Domestic Violence
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