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 research five different hybrid cars and evaluate their impact on the environment.

  • Identify the top five most popular choices of hybrid cars. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each car’s technology, price, manufacturing, and impact on environment. Include the scientific principles involved in the technology.
  • Determine which type of car would work best for you and your family. Justify your decision based on your analysis of the five hybrid cars.
  • Explain the impact these cars will have on the United States’ economy. Consider the following issues in your analysis: consumer buying, sustainability, recycling, and fuel economy.
  • Evaluate the impact that hybrid-car technology has had or could have on the United States’ political relationships with oil-producing countries. Be sure to include an analysis of economic issues such as production, supply, and trade.
  • Describe how this technology will influence world politics. Include an analysis of economic issues such as production, supply, and trade.


Support your statements with examples. Use a minimum of six reliable references, two of which should be peer-reviewed articles.


In a 6-page paper in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources

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Top Most Popular Hybrids
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