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Discussion 8: Answer all components of this discussion to receive full credit. You must post your original responses as well as engaging in professional conversations with your classmates. Make sure to use and reference all resources used in your post.

"Streaming Live and Harlem Renaissance" Please respond to the following, using sources under the Explore heading as the basis of your response:

  • Write for one (1) minute using the stream of consciousness writing method (Note: You may also type it offline and copy it within this discussion thread). Describe your experience and your reaction to what you wrote. Of the samples of the stream of consciousness technique given in this week's chapters, determine which you prefer and explain the reasons why.
  • Of the various authors, artists, and musicians who participated in the Harlem Renaissance, identify the person whose autograph you would most want, and explain the reasons why. Provide one (1) example that illustrates the reason why you selected the person that you did.


Streaming Live

Harlem Renaissance

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