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Chapter 17, Programming Projects #3, p. 1056, Huffman compression encoding, modified as per attached description (pdf file).  when I run my HuffmanGUI with the data shown in the pdf description, it looks like the attached image.

Submit at least files, and  The Tree data structure here is one of those large programs where we should all have slightly different solutions, so please do your own work!  The attached will be used to test all submissions, so do not change that file, just use it to test your data structure.

You are required to use at least one recursive method in your solution.  Refer back to the previous Map and Set Assignment, as it was intended as a preparation for this project.

(Warning: This assignment is also posted at the UW-CSE143 site, and has been used at BC previously.  We change things a little every quarter, and this quarter I'm removing the confusing BitStreams from UW.  Solve what I've assigned, use others only for reference and ideas).


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Huffman GUI + ALGORITHM Implemented (JAVA)
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Huffman complete code
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Huffman compression encoding Java
$120.00 no category lightsource 0 time(s)
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