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HRM 498 Final Exam

1. In the week 1 electronic reading, “Building a Winning Human Resources Team” what was the author’s recommendation when dealing with final pay for employees? Do you agree or disagree. Why?

2. Week 2 reading included an article titled “FROM HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT TO ORGANIZATIONAL EFFEOTIVENESS” in which the following question was posed.
“The key question is not whether e-enabling HR administration is the best solution, it is whether it should be outsourced to an HR business process outsourcer (BPO) or performed internally by corporate centers of excellence and service centers.” Which approach would you recommend and why?

3. Provide and explain the importance of at least 2 reasons to justify the trend toward increased emphasis by corporations on career management programs. Give some reasons for the trend toward this increased emphasis.

4. The article from HR Focus, Nov2008, Vol. 85 Issue 1, in our electronic reading states that “HR departments are most likely to focus their measurement efforts on compensation and benefits, and staffing activities. More than half of HR departments regularly apply measurement and planning tools to the area of compensation and benefits (59 percent) and workforce staffing (52 percent).” Assuming this is true, how do you explain this narrow focus?

5. The week 4 article from Human Resource Development Quarterly; Summer2004, Vol. 15 Issue 2, p249-252, 4p discusses the Four C approach to improving HR. The Four C approach defines a method to assist human resource development professionals design strategic global training in a multinational environment. The Four Cs are Cooperation, collaboration, communication, and culture. This approach is at the conceptual level with the mechanics of implementation left up to the HRD professional. Select 2 of the Four Cs and name and explain one specific action you recommend to move from the conceptual level to implementation.

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