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Assignment Instructions

Assignment Overview and Directions:

Using your organization, or one you are familiar with, you will identify your knowledge of HRIS and to make a suggestion about a new piece of technology for each of the weekly learning objectives for HRMT415 for Weeks 2-6.  For clarification, these topics were discussed in the course for Weeks 2-6:

The topics for Weeks 2 through 6 are as follows:

1) Week 2 - eRecruiting

2) Week 3 - eSelection

3) Week 4 - Self-Service & HR Portals

4) Week 5 - eLearning & Training

5) Week 6 - Performance Management

Each of these topics should be about one page in length and fully answer the questions above.  You should also share the requirements that must be considered in relation to each of the decisions that you make as well as your rationale for the recommendation.  A good place to find information for this assignment is the online APUS library and on the SHRM website.  This paper will required you to research HRIS technology.


The following will help guide you through the mechanics of the paper:

  • Utilize the APA Style for preparing your paper.
  • The "body" of the paper will be no less than 5 pages
  • Your title page, abstract, references, and any attachments are not include in the page count.
  • Your abstract is a brief, comprehensive summary of the content of a paper.  The abstract goes on a page by itself and precedes the actual paper.
  • Your introduction will provide an opportunity to capture the reader's attention with a “hook.” It also indicates what the paper will be about and how you will approach the topic.
  • Your conclusion will summarize the main idea, ties the main points together neatly for the reader and ends with a sense of finality.  Avoid introducing new ideas in the conclusion.
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