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Week 2 writing assignment:  The five key management theory/principle milestones


Based on your readings and research, develop a timeline of five key management theory/principle milestones over time.  Please address the following questions for each of the milestones you elect to include on your timeline:

1.  Why was this milestone significant for the period of time it was created?


2.  What was going on in the world of work that allowed the environment to know the time was right for this particular milestone?


3.  Which theorist “fathered” the principle?


4.  What were the signs of the time which led the theorist to develop the management concept?


5.  What are the highlights and limitations of the theory/principle?


·  The assignment should be between 5-7 pages which include the cover page and reference page.

·   Your paper must include an introduction and conclusion that summarize the contents of the entire paper.

·    APA format.

·    References:  A minimum of two references are required for this assignment.

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