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Assignment Instructions - HRIS Power Point

Throughout the previous weeks, we identified a number of uses for a human resource information system (HRIS).  With each of these purposes, we discussed the information that can be retrieved to improve the operations and services provided to employee as well as managing the information.  This is referred to as HR analytics.

Create a PowerPoint presentation to convince your current HR department to begin using HR analytics provided by an HRIS, the value to not just the department but the organization and employees as well.  Your presentation should include proof of successful implementation of these processes in other businesses, as well as a solid argument as to what particular analytics would be appropriate for your department.

A few things to remember:

  • You should be able to address the topic effectively using 12-15 slides.
  • Do not forget to use bullet points or short sentences on your slides and expand on your note pages, or you can add audio.
  • Graphics should be complementary to the narrative and not overwhelming or distracting from the content.

Creating a Visually-Friendly Presentation

When you hear the number 285 million people - that is no small number.  What this number represents is the number of people who are visually impaired in this world, some are corrected but others have left their vision uncorrected.  If someone is not wearing corrective lenses does not mean they are not experiencing challenges with their eyesight.  All of us can name at least one person who does not want to wear corrective lenses or needs to.

Some of the common visual impairments include low vision, color blindness, and dyslexia.  Objects may be out of focus. For others colors may skew what they viewing, and inhibit them from distinguishing letters, colors, and objectives.  Some of the colors that are difficult for some individuals to distinguish are red, green, yellow, and blue.

There are a few things you can do to make your design visually-friendly:

1.  Choose a legible font.  This include Sans Serif, Helvetica, Arial, and Verdana

2.  Control brightness and contrast.  As many of you have already heard me say - light background and use a dark text.

3.  Limit animations and effect.  Do not use spinning or wavy slide transitions.

4.  Stay away from dark backgrounds and slide designs.

Here are some helpful links for you to develop visually-friendly presentations:

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