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Writing Assignment:  Compensation & Benefits Pkgs

Due:  November 29, 2019 @6pm.



Select three (3) countries of your choice and conduct research into how the compensation & benefits packages of those countries differ from those of the United States.  What might they do better?  What might we do better?  Discuss health insurance benefits, salary, paid time off, and other differences as you find them.  Prepare your research project this week as if you are preparing to present your findings to a HRM Benefits Counselor.

Submission Instructions:

  • Please support your ideas, arguments, and opinions with independent research
  • Include at least five (5) supporting references or sources (NOT Wikipedia, unknown, or anonymous sources)
  • APA Format
  • Include an Abstract, Cover page and Reference section
  • A minimum of eight (8) FULL pages of written content
  • Be sure to cite all listed references properly in text
  • A Reference Section.
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Compensation and benefit packages
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