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Using assigned readings from Bolman & Deal and the case study, write a 900-1200 word analysis of Iggy’s Bread of the World from the perspective of the both the HR and Political frames. In conducting an organizational field-based analysis, you may find the following questions helpful in your analysis of the HR frame. How diverse are the social and educational backgrounds and skills of the people in the organization? What are their social styles? What is the range in ages? How diverse are employee needs? What is the match between needs and roles? How do people feel about their work? What seems to motivate them? Do people look healthy and happy? Do they appear to enjoy their work? How do people seem to relate to one another? How do they handle interpersonal conflicts? Do they listen to one another? What kinds of training and education are provided? or supported? Do people feel able to influence their work and larger organizational issues? What kinds of small work groups or informal cliques seem to exist? How were they formed? How do people treat each other in these smaller settings? Is there an informal hierarchy of power and prestige? How does it relate to the formal structure? What are the existing levels of turnover, absenteeism, sabotage, goldbricking, and employee grievances? Is the company unionized? How active is the union? who are its leaders? Do people tease each other? What is the correspondence between verbal messages and nonverbal signals? In conducting an organizational field-based analysis, you may find the following questions helpful in your analysis of the Political frame. Who are the recognized people in power? How centralized does the power and strategic order seem to be? Does the power apply across issues, or is it restricted to specific issues or area? What is the primary basis of power (tenure, expertise, charisma, persuasion, access to resources, fear)? What is the relationship between power and authority? Where is discretion greatest? What issues produce conflict? How are powerful people mobilized? How do they exercise their power? How are conflicts resolved? Are there obvious coalitions? On what basis are they formed? How are they formed? How stable are the coalitions? Are coalitions exclusive? Do coalitions form and disband around specific issues? How do people of power related to people who are relatively powerless, and vice versa? Is there evidence of inappropriate use of power? Do people feel they have access to power holders? Do they feel efficacious in influencing power holders? What form of influence is used most often? Is there much bargaining or negotiation around events, or are issues decided in back rooms? What are the main arenas in which power is exercised? Is it visible or covert? Are there obvious winners and losers? Are put-downs and innuendos commonplace? Who speaks to whom about what? Where are people physically located? Does the allocation of space fit with the distribution of power? who can enter whose space without knocking? Who ends meetings or conversations? Around what events are patterns of deference most obvious? What are the key symbols of power?

This was a suggestion from my professor on how she would love the paper to look like. I thought I should send you to work with. "This week, I would like you to work on something for paper 3 to take your writing deeper. As you read the resources, consider how you would go about evaluating an organization in the HR and Political frames. Then explain what perspective you are going to use to do that in the introduction in your paper, use that throughout your paper, and then conclude your paper with a summary paragraph". 

Apa format with Reference.


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