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opic 1: Global Networking Discussion
Use the internet to research how an interviewee or a current employee might successfully network with peers in other countries. One networking site that may prove useful is LinkedIn™ ( Another job site that has career information is Monster® ( Monster has links to job sites in other countries. One site that offers information on the differences between cultures is ITIM International™ (

For this Discussion, look at a specific country of your choice. Develop two brief introductions, one for a U.S. peer, and one for a peer in another country of your choosing. How would you introduce yourself, what would you say in two sentences? How, or why, are the introductions different?

Be specific about how your approach to networking might be different based on a specific culture. Pay special attention to any advice you find on what not to do when networking with people from different cultures.

Make a note of 2–3 of the best ideas you find on the question, and report them here. How might you use them in your own networking?

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Global Networking Discussion
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Global Networking discussion
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Global networking discussion
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