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"How Hallucinogens Affect the Brain"

This paper should be strictly biology based and should answer the questions, "How exactly they manipulate our senses? What parts of the brain are activated to cause visual hallucinations or auditory? How a drug can activate parts of the brain and not others?")

6 pages in length (NOT including the title page, abstract, or references) with all text double-spaced and in 12-point Times New Roman font, maximum with 1" margins.

Must have a minimum of 5 references for this paper and references must be scholarly references. 

This paper is to be written in American Psychological Association (6th edition) format, and is to include:

  • ?  A title page with title, name, affiliation, and running head.

  • ?  An abstract in which you summarize the entire paper in one to two paragraphs.

  • ?  An introductory paragraph in which you will introduce the topic of interest at the macro level.

  • ?  Seven to ten well-developed paragraphs in which you present the body of your paper.

  • ?  One to three summary paragraphs where you summarize the findings of your paper.

  • ?  One to three practical implications paragraphs in which you describe the importance of this

    research for the field of psychology, as well as for the improvement of humans in general.

  • ?  One or more directions for future research paragraphs.

  • ?  A reference page in APA format in which you include ALL of the articles/research that you have

    used in your paper.

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