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For the course project, you will complete a comparison of three hospitals in your area, and develop an example Marketing Plan. Through completion of the project you will demonstrate your ability to investigate, analyze, and critique these existing health care facilities. In Units 6 and 7 you will visit the facilities in person, explore their websites, and interview Marketing staff at each facility. Note: Make sure that you evaluate hospitals that anyone can attend. VA hospitals should not be included as one of your three hospital choices for this project since only veterans are treated at VA hospitals.

You will request the following for each hospital visit:

  1. A tour of each hospital.
  2. An interview with a Marketing contact at each hospital. (If this is not possible, then a phone interview is acceptable; however, an in-person interview is preferred.).

The information obtained from the hospital visit, Marketing contact interview, and website analyses should enable you to address the following points in the final project that you submit in Unit 10.

Note: It is important to create questions for the interview to glean the information necessary to address these points, as well as other questions you deem necessary:

  1. Assess the quality of services from the patient perspective.
  2. Analyze market research in the health care environment to develop a marketing plan that is in line with a strategic plan.
  3. Analyze competitive forces in the marketplace used to determine a strategic plan.
  4. Analyze common internal sources of quantitative information utilized in strategic decision making.
  5. Analyze critical strategic challenges facing the health care organization.
  6. Describe the last new service offered at each hospital and how they were marketed.

For the first section of the project, compile and summarize all information from the three hospital tours, marketing contact interviews, website analyses, and additional information you may have obtained at and about each hospital. Select and summarize the facility that you feel has the best patient-centered marketing plan.

For the second section of the project, using the information that you have learned from this class, develop an example of a successful marketing plan. Correlate the plan with actual market share and penetration by market share, if possible. Refer to pages 141–144 of Strategic Marketing for Health Care Organizations for instructions to create a marketing plan.

The three hospitals chosen for evaluation: Lincoln Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center and Harlem Hospital Center.

Submit your summary of the three hospital visits and marketing contact interviews. Refer to the Hospital Marketing Comparison and Marketing Plan course project description for the assignment criteria and requirements.

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