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Question 1-scholarly reference 150 words

What is the definition of homicide? What distinctions can be made about different types of homicide? Compare and contrast the criteria for the types and how they affect the criminal justice system.

Question 2-scholarly reference 150 words

The element of premeditation definition differs depending on jurisdiction.  For example, in Arizona, the statutory definition of premeditation is as follows: 

"Premeditation" means that the defendant acts with either the intention or the knowledge that he will kill another human being, when such intention or knowledge precedes the killing by any length of time to permit reflection. Proof of actual reflection is not required, but an act is not done with premeditation if it is the instant effect of a sudden quarrel or heat of passion.  A.R.S. 13-1101(1).

In a factual scenario where a couple is arguing, and the wife leaves the room, searches for a weapon, finds a weapon, returns to the room, and fires the weapon, is there premeditation here under Arizona law?  Why or why not? 

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