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Three types of fertilizer are manufactured by a company—Regular, Supergro, and Jungle Feeder. Regular should have at least 10 percent nitrogen and 16 percent phosphorous. Supergro should have at least 12 percent nitrogen and 20 percent phosphorous, and Jungle Feeder should have at least 15 percent nitrogen and 18 percent phosphorous. These are made by using two components—A and B. Component A costs $0.30 per pound and is 14 percent nitrogen and 18 percent phosphorous. Component B costs $0.50 per pound and is 20 percent nitrogen and 24 percent phosphorous. The demand for Regular is projected to be 1000 pounds, while each of the others has a demand of 2000 pounds. Formulate and solve the appropriate linear program to determine how many pounds of Components A and B to include in each type of fertilizer, respectively.

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