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Health Factors of Disease

  1. Identify a country to research (Do not pick the county you live in ). Give a brief      statistical overview of the country you selected, including population, gross national income per capita, total expenditure on health, and the probability of dying in varying age groups.
  2.  Determine what the three (3) top causes of death in that country are. 
  1. Last,  research      and answer the following questions, providing support for your answers:
    • How do the causes of death in that country deteriorate       one's health? 
    • What are the risk factors in the country that cause       the population to most likely die from these causes? 
    • Has the country had any recent outbreaks (ie. Swine       Flu)? 
    • What is the life expectancy of individuals in that       country?

                        2-3 page + References page

Using the website be familiarized with the World Health Organization (WHO) on



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Health Factors of Disease
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