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Prepare an 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes that includes the following information:


  • Describe the current health care delivery structure in your organization/community.
  • Compare your health care delivery system to the system of a competitor in the market.
  • Profile the effects of licensing and regulatory factors on health care delivery requirements at your organization.
  • What changes are occurring in the economy or concerning licensing and regulatory factors that must be considered in the future?
  • What national trends are affecting your local competition and pricing initiatives?
  • What quality indicators affect pricing at the local level?


Cite a minimum of three sources.


Format your sources consistent with APA guidelines.

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Health Care Delivery System Presentation
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Health Care Delivery Presentation 11 slides w/detailed speaker notes & 3 references
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A+++ powerpoint done for you in a timely manner
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