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I need help to writer a paper on a POPULAR news source, an article on a specific condition or piece of health news.  Try to find something completely "out there" - you can use cash register aisle "news" or any other general public magazine.  It must be current (defined as 2012 forward).


DO NOT BEGIN WITH A SCIENTIFIC ARTICLE!!! Look for something written for the average person with no medical or scientific knowledge. Do NOT start with a science news source.


Again, Note: Scientific journals are NOT defined as a “popular” source. Do not begin with the technical article. Assume the lowest common denominator here. Don’t choose something a bit more technical based on your own skill level.


Please provide either a link or copy and paste the article (not advisable – but you may have to).


Do some research on the topic. Provide the following:


  1. Find a technical article that is related to the original article. Give the scientific source for what you find.
  2. Discuss the ideas behind the differing sides of the issue.
  3. After doing the research, what is your personal opinion? Did you think this was new information? Do you think the public needed the information?
  4. Give your opinion of the veracity of the reporting on the subject.
  5. Do you think the reporting would influence health behaviors?  Why or why not?
  6. Was the article written to inform or incite? Do not respond just for yourself; how would an elderly person with little health knowledge respond?
  7. Find specific examples of hyperbole. Did the reporting distort the information? Were graphics included? How did they add to or detract from the subject?

2-3 pages long.


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