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Your organization is compiling a new-hire packet for all new employees. They have asked you to contribute a piece for the packet.

Write a 750- to 1,050-word informational piece detailing the relationship between an IT agenda and organizational strategies and the components that comprise an effective IT organization.

Include at least two references.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines


Please follow these instructions for week 4 assignment.

This paper should consist of an introduction and two subsections. One that discusses the relationship between the IT agenda and the organizational strategies and another that discusses the components of an effective IT organization.

For this assignment, just as it is stated in the instructions, you have to discuss the relationship that exists between the Information Technology (IT) Agenda and to organization's strategies. In other words how does IT help the organization bring it strategies into fruition?  How do they work together to accomplish this. The history of this relationship between these two departments (IT and business operations) have not always been great. Mostly because of differences in personalities; for example, the business units are mostly focused on keep operations running and IT have mostly focused on keeping systems running. The problem is that the systems that IT is supporting belong to the business operations, so they have to find a way to work together.  The question of this week's assignment is basically how do the two, namely IT and the business unit work together to make the organization successful.  IT has its own agenda and the organization has its own strategies, but the two have to come together as one unit for the sake of keeping the organization competitive in the market place... How does that happen? This simply requires a little research.


The second part of the assignment ask: The components that make up an effective IT organization


What makes an IT department effective? What do they have to do to be effective? Who has to be involved for them to be effective? This is really a straightforward question.  What does it take for an IT department to be effective?

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