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Design a grade average  program that will produce the numerical grade average of test scores input by a  user.

Your program design  should contain the following:

  • You must use an Array  as your data structure to store the input grades
  • You must use a Looping  structure to initialize the elements of your array to clear out system garbage.
  • The user may input up  to 5 test scores. Hint: This does not mean each user will input 5 scores. 3  scores may be entered for calculation.
  • You must use a Looping  structure to traverse the elements of your array to produce your calculation.

You are to submit the following for  the assignment:

  • Your RAPTOR source code file with comments added to each line or where necessary to explain program flow.  Also submit the flowchart of your working program.
  • Make sure you run it to make sure it is error free and does what it is supposed to.
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Grade Average Program
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