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Many of the products that we use are imported from other countries. This is considered a form of cooperation between countries, where one country benefits by selling its products, and the other country benefits by using them. In this assignment, consider cooperation between countries and write a paper including the following:

  • Select a foreign country and research the levels of trade between that country and the United States. For example:
    • Import levels.
    • Export levels.
    • Major goods and raw materials that are traded between the two countries.
  • Consider how the trading between the countries affects each of them, including:
    • The employees and their families in the selling country.
    • The consumers and their families in the purchasing country.
  • How would the countries and their citizens be affected if trading between them were to cease?
  • How does the trading, and the cessation of trade, affect the stability or instability of the global market?
  • The Web site in the Resources section is a good starting point for this assignment. Use other references, in addition to the ones offered, to complete this assignment.

While content is the most important aspect of your paper; organization, readability, grammar, and spelling are also important. The length of your paper should be determined by its content, and it should follow APA format. Add headers as appropriate, include a reference page at the end of your paper, and be sure to properly cite and provide references for material you use in your paper, per APA guidelines. The paper you submit should be in a Word document or RTF format.

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