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  1. Learning Team Assignment: Gender and the Media


  • Choose 10 advertisements that best demonstrate the media’s portrayal of gender; 5 targeting men and 5 targeting women.  The selected advertisements should also include some typical stereotypes.
  • Prepare a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker’s notes of at least 10 slides. Include the following items in your presentation:

 For Aussienmiss only

  • Create bullets to describe the advertisement, its year, its source, the gender characteristics portrayed, and the type of stereotype reflected.
  • Include a description of how the time period portrays gender in the speaker notes.
  • Discuss how this portrayal influences public opinion on gender. If you consider the advertisement a stereotype, provide an explanation.

 There's 5 team members so I only need more portion, let me know if additional infor is needed. Thank you

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