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Your Assignment for this unit is to conduct a comprehensive functional behavior assessment of the target behavior you identified. Mine is nail biting. Specifically, you need to provide an analysis of the following information:

1. What methods did you use to gather information via indirect and descriptive assessment (e.g., interviews, observations, ABC assessments, checklists, etc.)?

2. What were the results of your assessments? What is the hypothesized function of behavior? What other possible functions might also be plausible?

3. What are the primary factors that influence the presence or absence of the targeted behavior?

4. How could you set up a functional analysis to test your hypotheses?

5. Considering what you have learned about initiating or increasing a desired behavior, develop an intervention that will hopefully result in a desirable change in your behavior. Please note that Unit 8 involves a discussion about your attempt to change this behavior over the next two weeks!

The paper should:

? Use proper ABA formating 

? Be at least 5- to 6-pages long, 12 pt. font, double spaced.

? Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard American English.


Your paper should include:

? Title, Abstract, Main paper 5-6 pages, and reference page

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Functional Behavior Assessment
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