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Review the Week 9 readings and videos.

Select and research a recent controversial event (like a notorious incident or court case, etc.) that happened in the United States that tested the limits of free speech.  By "recent" I mean an event that occurred in 2013 or 2014 (nothing older - a good rule of thumb is to ask yourself, "Could someone have done a presentation on this topic before 2013?"  If the answer is yes, you'll probably need to choose a different topic).  The event should be strongly connected to the debate over the 1st Amendment in the US. 

If you find yourself stuck when trying to find a topic, doing an online search for subjects like "recent freedom of speech case" or "recent 1st Amendment case" may help.  You can always ask me for help, too.

If you have a topic in mind but are not sure it'll work for this assignment, send me a private message ahead of time, and you and I can talk it over.  Better safe than sorry!  The most common reason students lose points on this assignment is that they choose a subject that is off topic (like, for example, same-sex marriage, the legalization of marijuana, or abortion - all interesting topics, but not on target for this particular project).  Be sure your presentation is centered around freedom of speech in America!

Create a presentation, using Microsoft® PowerPoint® (6 to 10 slides), in which you explain and discuss the following:

  • The event and why it caused controversy
  • What was done to resolve the controversy?
  • If a legal case, what were the grounds for the verdict?
  • Do you agree with the outcome, or would you have liked to see a stricter or more lenient resolution? Why?

Illustrate your responses with specific examples.

Follow these style guidelines:

1) Be sure to write thorough speaker's notes to accompany each slide.  If you were giving the presentation, these would guide what you would say to the audience.

2) On the slides themselves, avoid including a lot of text.  Use no more than 5 bulleted lines per slide, no more than 5 words per line.  Don't use large paragraphs or big blocks of text on slides; they're not as easily readable.

3) Create attractive slides that don't all look the same.  Don't just put plain text on a plain background; use pictures, graphics, interesting color schemes, etc.  A good PP presentation should be clean, neat, and professional, yes, but also attention-grabbing for the audience.

Format your presentation consistent with Associate-level writing style guidelines.

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