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? Forum 1.1 (outcomes 1,2) After reading this week’s selection in the Critical Chain book, create a reflective response that addresses the following prompts:

? Recapping important insights: Share three to four of the most relevant or important insights you encountered in the reading. This could be the overall message or specific points you found interesting as you were reading. Explain why you felt these points were interesting.

? Challenging perspectives: Can any aspects of the text be challenged with alternate information or perspectives? In some cases, the resources you encounter in this course share differing perspectives. In other cases, you may personally have a different perspective. Share points in 13 this week’s reading that you think could be challenged, and describe the alternate perspective. What questions would you ask the authors of this text to discuss differences? In your response to others, push the conversation forward with questions and additional thoughts especially as related to the basic building blocks of project management. Where do you agree with others in your group? Where do you disagree? Encourage one another to think deeply about the content from this week and make connections between this week’s material and personal or professional lives. Grading method: Forum criteria, Forums gradebook category.


? Forum 1.2 This week, you encountered information about project management and projects in the Bible. Reflect on this topic and write a response that addresses some of the following:

? What concepts or details were surprising and new related to project management and the Bible?

? Do you think there are relevant strategies available to project leaders in the Bible? If so, what are they?

? How do you think faith can influence a leader’s ability to project manage? In your response to others, ask questions that draw out the details behind others’ perspectives in this area. What perspectives are similar to yours? Different? Compare and contrast perspectives, sharing additional faith insights you feel are relevant to the conversation.

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