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Directions: Retrieve and read the The Court Administrator: A Manual provided by the National Association for Court Management (NACM) at the following link:


Write a three-page research paper on the requirements, job duties, qualifications, and other requirements of the Court Adminstrator role.  Using the manual, your textbook, the AAU Library, and other websites, provide a good overview of this position with the judiciary and your recommendations for a court trying to decide whether or not to fill this position and what to look for in this person’s qualifications.  This paper should be a recommendation to a judge on your opinion of this position based on your own research.


Required Resources:


  • Course textbook
  • Internet access
  • AAU Library


Submission Requirements:


  • Three pages in a Word document
  • Double-spaced
  • 10-point Arial font
  • Include an APA formatted cover page
  • Cite your sources using an APA formatted reference page
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