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Can you do $120? I raised the price. Its really simple task for someone who has basic knowledge of PHP/MySQL, I would do it myself but I do not have the time go through tutorials and learn everything.  This doesn't have to be a fancy website with graphics and amazing layout and everything, it could be all text for all I care.  Main thing Im looking for is that it interacts with MySQL properly.

Feel free to implement this however you please, I just want you to follow these basic guidelines.

1) First thing user should see be brought to is a login page (with an option to register if they do not have an account, registration only requires username, pass, email, & telephone number)

2) There should be 3 types of users: regular user, librarian, and admin (users can check in, check out, and search books by title, author, isbn), (librarians can search books, add books, and delete books from library), (admin can search books, add books, delete books, add users, and delete users)

3)Populate the library database with 10 random books with name,title,isbn (can be made up, just needs 10 random books in the library)(There should be 3 copies of each book)

4)regular users should not be able to have more than 3 books check out at a time (regular user can have a book for a max of 2 weeks before its considered late, after that there is a $1 per week late fee)

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