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What is the purpose of the felony murder rule? Why does the law only limit the felony murder rule to those felonies that are considered inherently dangerous? Can you think of any factual scenario in which the application of the felony murder rule appears to be inherently unjust or unfair?


Topic 2: Scenario – You Decide

Dick and Jane were in the back yard when Dick told her that he was tired of her and was going to divorce her. She asked him to, “Stay right here. I have to go to the bathroom, but I want to discuss this further.” But, rather than going to the bathroom, she goes into the bedroom and takes out their pistol. Jane then goes to the back yard and shoots Dick four times in the chest and head, killing him.

Should Jane be charged with first-degree murder or second-degree murder? Support your answer. Can Jane charged successfully argue that this was a “heat of passion” crime? Why or why not?

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Felony murder rule
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