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Before you begin this assignment, be sure you have read the attached “XYZ Corporation Case”.

Internal/External: External project for the Health Crisis Prevention and Response Management Service/Product Delivery Division.

Project Title: U.S. Homeland Security Biohazard Incident Tracking and Coordination System (BITCS).

Brief Description: XYZ has just won a contract with the federal government to put in place a state-of-the art Biohazard Incident Tracking and Coordination System portal and applications for collaboration between emergency responders and for decision support. BITCS is an Intranet-only accessible portal (for facilitating collaboration) with seamless access to event data relating to active biohazards.

Other Key Information: XYZ Corporation’s winning bid response specifications call for largely Microsoft technologies, including SharePoint (portal), SQL Server (database platforms), .NET (backend application and client application architecture and technology), and MS Office (desktop knowledge worker facilitation). The Homeland Security unit procuring the application prescribed an Agile software development and project management solution, so XYZ responded accordingly. Your Agile Team has been assigned with team building, product development, and release plan responsibilities (Scenario 3, this scenario), followed later by sprint plan development and exploration (execution of development tasks). Due to the requirements of the client, this engagement is expedited. The timeline for full delivery is 1 year but after 4 months a functioning portal is required under the awarded contract. After 8 months the application and databases deliverables are due. After 1 year, the fully delivered integrated solution (portal working with applications/databases) is due.

 Assigned Roles 1) Scrum Master – focus on process; 2) Product Owner Coordinator – focus on the product (interfacing as needed with the instructor who serves as Product Owner); 3) Developer Team Coordinator – focus on the developer team inputs (you represent the voices of 11 developer team members (including 2 .NET developers, 2 SQL Server developers, 2 SharePoint developers, 2 quality assurance specialists testers, 2 business analysts, and 1 technical writer). Your roles within the team for Scenario 3 will be self-determined by the team members, and will rotate, as you see fit, for the following Scenario 4. Reference the three Scrum/Agile roles in the Lecture Notes and in assigned readings for more role details.

Overview of Scenario #3 :Your task assignment is to develop for this Agile project scenario four deliverables:

1. Product Vision (Vision Box & Elevator Test Statement) – Deliverables: individual Product Vision PowerPoint Submitted (MS PowerPoint recommended) (4-slide presentation of the front, back, and left side, and right side of a box (with no top and bottom)

2. Project Data Sheet (PDS) - Deliverables: 1) Individual Project Data Sheet Submitted (MS Word recommended) (Instructor will post the form template in a News post);

3. Agile PM Release Plan (for a 3-month project with 3 monthly sprints) (release plan, backlog, and story inputs will be provided by the instructor as needed). Deliverables: 1) Release plan and iteration, 2) Release Plan (MS Word or MS PowerPoint recommended)

 If you need additional case facts, state your assumptions and augment existing case details with additionally compatible details. 

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