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Discussion post 200 words: Human Trafficking is the subject

As noted in the Reading, a great deal of thought should be put into the selection and use of visuals and text in digital media projects. Therefore, you will write a detailed plan for the digital media project that you will create for your Unit 8 Discussion post. The digital media project is not to be submitted in Unit 7; rather, you will complete the planning stage of creating the project.

Respond to all of the prompts below in the context of your potential digital media project on your argument for change in your community or workplace:

  • What are the characteristics of your specific audience for the digital media project? How will these characteristics impact the visual and text content you use?
  • What primary message from your argument for change do you want to convey in your digital media project?
  • What text will you include in your digital media project? You may want to even write the script or text that will appear in the project so that you can receive feedback from your peers and instructor.
  • What visuals might you include in your digital media project?
  • Which content that you plan to use in the digital media project might also be appropriate for your Final Project? Which content would not be appropriate for use in the Final Project?
  • What digital media tool (e.g., PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.) will you use to create your project?
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Human Trafficking
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