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1. The narrowest range of frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum belongs to



2. White materials scatter all wavelengths of visible light in all directions in a process called

       Diffuse scattering


3. A light wave has a wavelength of about

       a few meters to more than a few thousand kilometers.
       a meter to a millimeter.
       a millimeter to a micron.
       700 to 400 nanometers.
       400 to 100 nanometers.


4. Compared to microwave radiation, infrared radiation

       has shorter wavelengths.
       has longer wavelengths.
       is a faster wave.
       is a slower wave.
       is visible to the human eye.


5. Which type of radiation can be used to sterilize medical equipment?

       microwave radiation
       ultraviolet radiation
       infrared radiation
       radio waves


6. The fundamental difference between electromagnetic waves and other types of waves is that electromagnetic waves

       move more slowly than all other types of waves.
       are invisible regardless of wavelength.
       do not experience constructive or destructive interference.
       transfer energy without transferring mass.
       all have the same wavelength.


7. Another word for constructive interference is

       Doppler effect.


8. The scattering of light waves from the surface of an object is called what?



9. What happens when two waves from different sources come together at a single point? (Points : 1)



10. Which property of electromagnetic waves is measured in Hertz?


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