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1. The fundamental building block for all matter, which is the smallest representative sample of a substance that maintains chemical identity, is called 

2. If the Hubble telescope detects an intensely bright region in the sky that lasts only a few days, it has probably found evidence of a 

3. In 1808, which person below borrowed the name 'atom' from Greek writings and described in a modern way how it is that an atom is indivisible? 

4. Why do astronomers currently prefer orbiting telescopes over Earth-based telescopes? 

5. Which region of the electromagnetic spectrum can easily reach a telescope on the earth's surface? 

6. Each time an electron moves from a higher energy level to a lower energy level 

7. Which of the following satellite observatories is used to examine the collision of neutron stars? 

8. Democritus put forth the concept of an atom because 

9. From what part of the electromagnetic spectrum is most of the Sun's energy emitted? 

10. The total collection of photons emitted by an atom is called its 

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